Welcome to Kat Eyz Capos!

The Kat Eyz Capo design give players more stability, with less tension, for better intonation.  The V-shaped saddle provides two anchor points on the neck promoting a self-aligning characteristic as well as cutting pinpoint pressure IN HALF compared to other capo designs using a single contact point on the neck.  Additionally, the use of a thinner diameter fretbar lessens the risk of intonation issues when using this capo.  As always, the ability to match any radius exactly assists in a minimal amount of tension needed to fret the strings without buzzing.

The Kat Eyz Capos are handmade to a level of high precision.  Every part of a capo is machined in my shop right down to the knurled screws and stainless hinge pins.  Machining jigs for all milling/lathe processes as well as finely adjusted bending plates make each capo a repeatable and precise accessory.  All workmanship is guaranteed for life!

I offer these banjo and guitar capos in polished BRASS, polished STAINLESS STEEL and COPPER.  Since I make every capo personally in my shop, I am able to handle custom width and depth capos for the same price as standard!  Just e-mail me separately prior to ordering for anything capos that are not a part of my standard product lines.  For further attention to individual customer needs, I also offer the option of a 1/4" or 3/8" thumbscrew (see gallery picture of difference).

Please click on the appropriate instrument capo in the links on the left to go to the ordering pages. 

To properly size a capo you will need to provide me with the following 3 dimensions (as close as you are able to measure):
  • Width
    • Width of highest capoed fret (side to side of fretboard)
  • Depth
    • Thickness of neck at volute, if intending to store capo above the nut, (top of strings to back of neck)
    • Thickness of neck at first fret (top of strings to back of neck)
    • Thickness of neck at highest capoed fret  (top of strings to back of neck)
  • Radius of fret board (if any)
These dimensions will allow me to ensure the capo is close-fitting to the sides of the neck and allow me to make the shortest screw.  It is not good to have a long screw sticking out bumping your fretting hand when playing!

Please know that certain import banjos have an unusual neck design and many capos will not store above the nut due to the position of the volute being in the way.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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