The details on this page will help you measure your instrument for proper fit and/or customization

To properly size a capo you will need to provide the following 3 types of dimensions (as close as you are able to measure in mm/in):

  • Width of fretboard

    • Width of of the fretboard at the highest capoed fret (side to side of fretboard)

  • Depth of neck

    • Thickness of neck at volute, if intending to store capo above the nut, (top of strings to back of neck where capo would sit)

    • Thickness of neck at first fret (top of unfretted strings to back of neck)

    • Thickness of neck at highest capoed fret (top of unfretted strings to back of neck)

  • Radius of fret board (if any)

These dimensions will allow me to ensure the capo is close-fitting to the sides of the neck and allow me to make the shortest screw. It is not good to have a long screw sticking out bumping your fretting hand when playing!

Please know that certain import banjos have an unusual neck design and many capos will not store above the nut due to the position of the volute being in the way. I may ask for a picture of the neck from the side at the nut to help determine fit.